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Increase Data size in alteryx

8 - Asteroid

Hello there,


I have this issue while downloading data from In-DB tools .


Iam using Alteryx Designer IN- DB tools to query some information from SQL Server (front end SAP). Whenever the data is downloaded (.xlsx) it is huge as compared to the same data set extracted from SAP front end .


When i looked into the data there are no blank spaces / nothing unsual .


Any clue why is this happening . 


Also i am trying to convert .xlsx file to .xlsb , the size of the file has deceased but not upto what i require.



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Hi @jimmke7 @Emil_Kos  ,


I tried it but no use .



17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @praneshsapmm,


Are you 100% percent sure if those are the same data sets?

From my own experience when I have an issue with something I always try to limit the reasons why we got an issue. 


A number of lines are the same? Check

A number of columns are the same? Check
Did I check if each of those positions is exactly the same by a joining tool? 


The truth is the data is the data. If they are exactly the same the only reason why the data seize would differ is the character type. Some of the data can be saved with strings with 7 signs and the same column in the second data sets can be saved with string 30 signs. 


From the top of my head, I don't recall any more reasons why the file sizes can be different except file format but I believe file format is the same.  


18 - Pollux
18 - Pollux

Hi @praneshsapmm 


When Alteryx reads From SQL server. it receives exactly the data that you requested.  If the data set from SQL server is larger than the data set retrieved form the SAP front end, I would look at what the SAP front end is doing to the data.  i.e are there any transformations, or field size changes in SAP?


Another way to investigate this is the use a tool like SSMS to extract the data directly for the data compare the file size with both the Alteryx file and the SAP file size