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Imputation Tool Changes Field Types

12 - Quasar

Going through some of the previous weekly challenges, specifically #3, I ran into a weird issue where the Imputation tool would change the data types of un-selected fields.


I found a previous thread here where this was noted as a defect, but the issue was closed and I haven't been able to find more information about it in the year since.

 I suppose I could impute using an expression, but I was wondering if there were any updates since it appears to have not been fixed yet, or if others had managed to fix the issue.



15 - Aurora

I just tried it on 2018.2 and it still changes the datatype


have you reported it to support@alteryx.com?

12 - Quasar

No I hadn't yet, will now though. I wanted to make sure it wasn't just something that I had missed elsewhere in the workflow. Thanks for confirming its not just me.

8 - Asteroid

I ran into the same issue on Alteryx 2019.1.6  ! When I did imputation, the un-selected 'date' field changed its type from date to string !

5 - Atom

I just had this exact issue in Alteryx 2019.3.5.17947...so still not fixed!


In my case, it changed an un-selected 'Bool' field to type 'Double'.


This is a known issue: DE13143
State: Closed


After careful consideration by our Product Management team, it has been determined that a fix will not be implemented for this issue at this time.
Here are some factors that may have contributed to this outcome:
- There are a limited number of customers impacted by this issue
- A workaround exists
- The impact or severity of the defect is relatively low
- This issue may be addressed by a related feature in a future release




This issue is resolved in the 2020.2 release available here: http://downloads.alteryx.com


The latest version of the Imputation tool (v3) is used when adding the tool to the canvas in 2020.2.


To update an Imputation tool in an existing workflow, right-click the tool and select Imputation 3.