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How to pass column value as parameter in post sql in Alteryx?

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Hello Experts ,

Very new to Alteryx so need your help

I have a file with 2 columns -Source, Target and n rows .

I want to dynamically create  table AS table name=sourcefile.Target  and structure/data of target table should be same as sourcefile.Source 


Source File:

Customer, Customer copy

Product, Product Copy


Output : 2 new tables are created Customer copy and Product copy . Customer copy is replica of Customer and so on.


I was trying to put CTAS in Post Sql but how to pass attribute value dynamically in post sql .



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Thank you for your contribution to the Community!

To help make it easier for others to assist, it would be helpful to get some additional information on your Process. Here's what we recommend you include in your reply:

* What Alteryx Version are you using?
* Do you have a Workflow with sample data you can share?
* What about a Screenshot?
* What does the data look like? (Beginning data vs. Final Output)

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Thank you very much!

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