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Google Analytics - Metrics & Dimensions

6 - Meteoroid

I believe there are certain combinations of dimensions and metrics that just don't work.  I have some data working but I'd also like to get age and gender data too.  What metrics does this work/not work with as it doesn't with the current setup.


Currently I have

Metrics: Product Revenue, Quantity

Dimensions: Default Channel Grouping, Product, Hour of Day, Minute, Source/Medium, User Type


Also is there an ID number which would identify a specific user so that this can be matched up?  So I can get all the data in my current configuration and then match it to the age and gender data?



- Winnie

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Sorry to hear you're having difficulty with the Google Analytics tool! We've been combing through posts about this tool and gathering data on the issues and feature requests people are posting about, so thank you for this information. We're in the process now of revamping the tool and we're aiming at a new release early next year.


For your question on the User ID, I believe this should be possible through the GA Dev portal, but would require some changes to your tracking URL. Here is a link to the Google Analytic support page about the feature: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/3123662?hl=en


If you have more information that would help us to do this, I'd recommend posting it in the Alteryx Product Ideas blog. Our product managers and developers regularly review these posts to help inform their decisions for future iterations.

Alex Koszycki
Program Manager, Community Platform
5 - Atom

Hey Alex, I couldn't find a bug tracker to submit this to, but after a bit of searching, this post seems like the most appropriate place for me to bring a bug with the GA tool to your attention. The bug was that running the GA tool in "Update Mode" to pull down profile/view IDs would irreversibly break the Alteryx GA tool for the installation of Alteryx. Root cause was that a runtime xml config used by the tool got invalid characters written to an attribute, breaking the metrics section of the tool config and rendering it unusable until the config was fixed by hand.



Properly configured GA tool, pulls view data by ID just fineProperly configured GA tool, pulls view data by ID just fineRunning in "Update Mode" works, but...Running in "Update Mode" works, but...Tool is now irreversibly broken with an XML error in its 'Metrics' sectionTool is now irreversibly broken with an XML error in its 'Metrics' sectionConfig at fault with filename at top and invalid character in pinkConfig at fault with filename at top and invalid character in pink


Manually editing the file to escape the angle braces with "&lt;" and "&gt;" fixes this, but I still have to rely on manually adding View IDs to use it. This is in Alteryx version 10.6 x64 in case you guys want to go regression hunting. Dunno where that <NAME> attribute gets pulled from (I assume a poorly named metric on our GA account), but your devs should validate XML before writing it to disk, and remember to escape characters. Cheers.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Thanks for reporting @TarasG! I appreciate the work you put into replicating and investigating this.


Our developers have looked into this and will be releasing a new Google Analytics connector very soon, currently targeted for February.

Alex Koszycki
Program Manager, Community Platform
5 - Atom

No worries, only tricky part was finding the XML at fault since the error doesn't specify which file was broken; would be worth adding that to the error message. Since I didn't know where Alteryx stores this stuff, I had to do a blind, filesystem-wide, search for XML files, then pipe the results into a validator. Is there any debug-level logging enabled with the prod builds of Alteryx that could save me future headscratching at user-facing errors? Not that stacktraces are too useful without access to the source code, but it would at least help me find broken configs and the like more easily.


Thanks for the update.




Exciting news!!!! We have released the new Google Analytics tool, you can download it here: https://gallery.alteryx.com/#!app/Google-Analytics/5898afe9effc2a0bb0a11644


Thank you!


5 - Atom

Google Analytics has a developer tool that shows which metrics and dimensions can be combined in reports here: https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/reporting/core/dimsmets.  To use, click the box for the dimension/metric in question.  All dimensions/metrics that can be combined in a report will be in blue; the ones that won't work will be grayed out.


I do have a question for AlexKo about this, though: I have a configuration of dimensions and metrics that should work together, according to Google Analytics's documentation.  However, I'm still getting the "Selected dimensions and metrics cannot be queried together" error.  Do you think this is an error on Alteryx's end, or am I misunderstanding the Google Analytics documentation?  Here is my setup:



















Thank you!

5 - Atom

I'm working on the same problem of combining dimensions and their related/potential metrics and encounter some issues on running this compnent.


I want to extract data about time, number of visitors and addToCart actions for each URL in my web site. However, when setting the dimension ga:pagePath and those metrics, my workflow turn indefinitely (and I suppose it has stop working).


Have you find solution to your problem please?