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Excel file shows as corrupt after drag/drop

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I have a workflow with a single input data tool.  I set it up so I should be able to drag/drop an e-mailed report each day and just overwrite the file and run the workflow.  For some reason when I drag/drop then e-mailed file, I get the error below:




Even when I try to set up a new input tool, it pulls the workbook, but there's no option in the sheet dropdown menu.


Just to be thorough, yes there's a Sheet1 when I open the excel file.




If I drag/drop then open the file and click "save", then the workflow runs fine.  It's not opening in protected mode or anything like that, but I'd like to figure out how to avoid this issue with this and other input tools.


Bonus question - is there an easy way to do a "save as" for all files in a folder (to save the input support from a workflow for audit purposes)


Thanks in advance for all the help!  This community has been really helpful.


Hi @Slushercw 


If there are format issues in the Excel file, Alteryx won't be able to read it, even though Excel can.


How to check for encoding or formatting issues with Excel worksheets


If this is the case, the resolution is either re-save the Excel files using Excel, or somehow modify the process that generated the Excel files so the format is correct.