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Email Tool - Corrupted Attachment

7 - Meteor

Hello all,


I'm facing a problem with the email tool, mainly with the attachment option.

I need to attach a word document to send several emails, the problem is when I sent the emails the files are corrupted and people can't open it, I tried converting to pdf but no success and also I tried saving the files in One Drive but didn't work.




I'm curious because when I attached an excel file then the people receive the email with the attachment working correctly.

Below is a screenshot of the error, the file in my computer works well and I can open it without any problem so I don't know if it's something Alteryx does when sending the email:



Please let me know if you need more details and thanks for the help!


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@jsdn14 Are you using the render tool to output the dataset and save it as a docx or pdf? You can use this tool to output and then specify the attachments in the email tool to pick it up. Make sure you use the block until done tool to output first then use the email tool. 


Let me know if this helps or need further clarification. 

7 - Meteor



The pdf&docx that I'm using is a file that is not generated by the alteryx workflow.


I notice that doing the same but in version 2019.1 works well, I had the problem in 2019.3.

8 - Asteroid

I'm having the same problem - on 2019.3 😞


I generate an Excel file via Render within my workflow and use a block until done tool.


The Excel file is generated perfectly by the Render (when opening directly from the path specified in the Render tool), but when opening the Excel file attached to the email, the Excel file is corrupt.



Very interested to follow this thread. Hopefully someone has a fix or an idea!


You are running into a known Defect: "DE22485 - workflow runs and sends out the email message with the attachment, but the attachment is corrupted".  


This Defect is still Open and being reviewed by our development team. 


It seems if the body of the email is hardcoded, this will send out a corrupted attachment. However, if you use a field for the body, this will work. So, add a field for body rather than using text in the text box.


6 - Meteoroid

The solution you suggested isn't working for me. Is this issue resolved?


@kp10  Defect DE22485 is still open. 


Can you try with a simply workflow like this?




Report Text tool configuration:




Email tool Configuration:





7 - Meteor

Just wanted to say this worked for me


What a relief. I just started the slow and painful process of downgrading versions when I came across this while waiting for my download.

7 - Meteor

I have just tried this fix and get the following error when I run it through our Alteryx Server:


67Record#1: Failure when receiving data from the peer


The workflow works with text in the body but the attachment is corrupt but it fails when I use a field in the body.


Any ideas on what else I could do?

7 - Meteor

I'm kind of a rookie on this topic but this is what worked for me.

I added a Report Text tool before the Email tool.


Here is the Report Text tool Configuration:


Here is my Email tool Configuration:


After making this minor change, the attached excel file was no longer corrupt upon opening from email.