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Dynamically update a filter based on user selection

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I'm currently attempting to build a workflow app that complete the following activities- 

1) User upload a file (*.xlsx file)

2) User to select date range

3) User can select number of action they want to see

4)User can select the view whether it is "forward" or "Backward"

5)User can see by filtering "Inspection Type", "Contents ID" and "Transaction ID"
6)User can see a) Actions, b) both Actions & Date diff


So far, I am able to complete till 4) and currently stuck in 5). Does anyone know how we can configure the workflow to allow the filter input tool to be updated based on the options selected by the user? I already did for the Inspection Type but not able to figure out how to do for Contents ID & Transaction ID.






Thanks for all your help!

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Hi there,


Any one to help me out? Need urgent resolution actually!

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Hi @Mina2021 


You may have already solved this, but in case you haven't or others looking for assistance find your post hopefully the below will help.


My biggest tip is to check out the tool examples that are built into Designer, you can get to these by right clicking on a tool and selecting open example:


 Within these you can see the different ways the tool can be configured along with the different options for the filter tool. From the screenshot it looks like your best option is to manually configure the fields.


In the action tool you want to update the formula with the value selected in the drop down. This is done via the action tool with the following configuration.



Then when testing the workflow to check it behaves as expected load up the interface designer (View - Interface Designer, if you don't have it on screen already), and click on the magic wand (1). This allows you to replicate how a user would set up the analytic app (2). 


Then click on open debug (3), this loads up a new workflow where the filter will have been updated with the value passed from the drop down and allows you to check that it functions as expected.







Check out my collaboration with fellow ACE Joshua Burkhow at