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Dynamically select column from drop down and passed it to macro along with Its values

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Hi Guys,


I have a use case where I have a dataset where email column is there. In future this column name might change. So I want to create a solution where user can select any column from Drop down and passed it to the macro with all its value from the dataset and perform email validations which are defined in the macro. I tried creating the workflow but am not able to pass the values as well with the column name. 


I cant attach workflow but have attached the screenshot of it. 

Kindly suggest what approach should I take ?


If you look at the screenshot I have created sample text tool and passing values to drop down filter and updating column names to the dataset which I have created using text input. 



Kindly help. 






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One idea would be to use the "External Source - Must contain NAME && Value fields" option within the List Values section of the Drop Down configuration.


You could create a local file that has the Name and value fields populated with the desired values.  Depending on the "dataset", this might need to be generated as part of a chained app (https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Interactive-Lessons/Chaining-Analytic-Apps/ta-p/243120).  For example, if the user is uploading a file and is identifying the email field the first app would locate the file and source in data.  The second app would then get kicked off prompting for the Email field designation and point to an output from the first app.


Now if multiple users will be hitting a common dataset such as from a database, then you could populate this file as the database is updated for an up-to-date listing of columns and the chained app would not be necessary.


Good luck!

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Hi @DQAUDIT Thank you for your response. I have created chained apps before. Let me look at what you have suggested above. 


What I want - 


1 ) User will be selecting a particular column from drop down

2 ) And although column name can be updated, how will I update the values as well along with it. 


The only thing am not able to understand if I follow your approach  -


So if I use chained app then in first workflow I will be loading files and passing values to the drop down present in 2nd chained app but as I said column names might change and user will be selecting column name from drop down so now how will I get carreponding values of that column from the dataset ? . 


Let me try your approach and see if I can make it to work.


Anyways Thanks again for your response.



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Hi @PRATEEK_CHANDRA - From the chained app perspective: The first app would have the user answer a question not related to column selection. For example, perhaps it's selecting which dataset they need. Then in the background that could kick off a query to pull back the current column set that would then be the basis for the drop down selection in the second app.