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Dynamic Input changes path

5 - Atom

Hi everyone


Sorry if this is simple but I'm quite new to Alteryx. 


I'm trying to make a dynamic input tool which will input an excel file from a specific folder while dynamically changing the path to match the Username of the one running the workflow. 

I've looked at a few suggestions but I'm running into a problem because the dynamic input tool adds "Downloads" after the Username to the path even though it is not mentioned anywhere in the Workflow. 



It's probably a simple mistake but I'm unable to fix it. 


I hope that someone can help or have a suggestion. 


Thank you all in advance!




17 - Castor

Hey @RasmusTS - in the Dynamic Input tool, when I first downloaded the flow, you were referencing the [Path] field here, instead of [New].


Because Path is set up like \Desktop... - this will read like a relative filepath and Alteryx will populate this with the directory relative to where the workflow is saved i.e. the Downloads folder for me, hence I get the same error:




However, if I switch this to [New] it starts looking from the desired directory i.e. Desktop that you have specified in your Formula expression: