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Dynamic Filter in Batch Macro

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I am new in Alteryx.


I have an excel file containing many tables. each table has an id called table_id, and a record with a unique record_id. All tables have same headers. I would like to run a macro for each table_id. I use the Filter tool to select a table_id and run the workflow for that table. I would like to create a macro that would run for each table_id. I was thinking of a batch macro. I find it hard to configure the filter tool.


I tried to use the Dynamic filter made by @CarlosA (, but I kept getting errors.



Thank you for your help!


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I've attached a zipped up workflow showing how to configure this, as well as a modified version of your batch macro.

I took advantage of some simplification using Dynamic Select to more easily choose what fields to load.

There were quite a few changes that I made to get this working, so I will be happy to answer questions!

6 - Meteoroid

Thank you @Claje, the workflow you sent me does work, but I would like to understand if you don't mind explaining of course.

Which type of macro it is then? if it's a batch macro, why can't I see the Update Value tool? 

Thank you very much for your help!

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No problem!

This is a Batch macro.  The Control Parameter tool is pretty incredible, and has additional configuration options that we're taking advantage of here.


Because we used the Group By options in the configuration of the macro when we set up the workflow, the macro will run once per group, and will automatically group these records together using your table_id column.


This ensures that it runs for one table_id at a time, and pulls in all of the records, without needing a filter or action.