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Driver understanding

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I have MS Office 32 bit installed due to problems with 64 bit Access drivers on the computer I have Alteryx installed.  I presume then that when Alteryx loads and exports MS Access and SQL server data it also must use 32 bit drivers. (ie can 32 and 64 bit drivers both exist on a computer?)


Specifically, when I try to connect to an Access file (.accdb) then write to a SQL server table it seems slow in moving the data.  On the results window I get a message:


Info: Output Data (111): Alias translated to odbc:DRIVER=ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server;DATABASE=SERVICE_METRICS_DW;SERVER=<server>;Trusted_Connection=yes|||_Table1



My longer term goal is to move from using SSIS to use Alteryx on a long list of data transformations.  Am I stuck using 32 bit drivers until I complete all transformations into Alteryx.  Them move to 64 bit office and upgrade all Alteryx workflows to 64 bit?


What is best path?







Hi @jeffv - the message you are seeing is just telling you that you have an alias set up for SQL Server, and showing you what the alias is being translated to. To answer your second question, unfortunately you will need to use the same bitness for the driver that you have for your office client due to requirements by Microsoft. Once you can move to 64bit, you can easily just install the 64-bit version and your workflows will use that one automatically. 


I would suggest turning on Performance Profiling to see if the bottleneck is with reading in from Access, or if it is writing out to SQL so the community can possibly offer some more specific suggestions.

Sophia Fraticelli
Senior Solutions Architect
Alteryx, Inc.