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Deselection of Some fields at Join tool is not working

3 - Proton



I have a workflow where I am using Join tool and deselecting some of the fields that I do not want to parse forward but they still get parsed at the next steps and also the information is not accurate. I can use Select Tool but I thought selection and de-selection should work form the Join tool as well. Seems like some fields are getting cached or something like that. It is a kind of a ghost behavior.




Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@hpatel1 - The selection fields will only apply to the 'J-Join' output. If you you are working with the L/J output, the select functionality will not apply.

8 - Asteroid

What JoeM describes is one of the main complaints I have about Alteryx, any configurations made in the join tool only apply the J (Inner Join) outout.  Please make it work as expected.  As SQL does!