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Batch Macro - Questions not getting mapped correctly to fields.

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I have 2 fields that are not getting mapped correctly.


1 says select field and the other is getting assigned the field that needs to be selected.

Not sure how to fix it (automatically recognize). I know how to manually fix it. 


In the first image I need to select LVL2_KALNR which is a V_WString, however the bottom image LVL2_KALNR is being assigned to a field called LVL2 (which states it is a V_WString), but it is a INT32.








Macro has been deleted several times in an attempt to fix it. No where in my flow (inside or outside the macro) does LVL2 state that is anything other than INT32. LVL2 is a created field via formula tool and assigned INT32 within the tool.


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



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Mind sharing example photos on the input anchor data set for the macro. As well as what your template data set looks like. This would help examine the issue further.


Here I've put together an example batch macro. You can see that my Macro Input is using a Text Input File. Since my Data is Blank the Data Type for Each column is assigned a Bool which you see in the Interface Designer.


Perhaps your Template Data Set Contains the LVL2 field with Non Numeric Values therefore its being considered a V_WString.


Its hard to say without seeing your workflow.

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Hi @stapuff106,


My guess is that your second one, the one expecting LVL2, is set up to expect a string in the macro, so it is just selecting the first string it finds. I suggest looking at the data flowing through your macro for that field to make sure you have specified it in the macro itself as an int. This means any sample data flowing through the macro should be an int for that field.


Agree with @csmith11 that more screenshots or a workflow attached would help us understand the issue better.




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@csmith11 @csmith11 I appreciate you taking a look.


Got caught up in year/month end close.


I can not share the workflow so here are some additional images:


Formula Tool that creates the level. INT32



Error message I am getting



Data flowing from last formula tool into first macro



Select tool after Rename Tool



Select after macro input tool



Macro Input - I have just column info here... no line item values and assign datatypes in the select tool after.