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Average based on two values andsummary

8 - Asteroid


Here is a sample of the file I'm dealing with : Companies, Training courses and length of the training courses.

A company can have a single training course and attend this courses several times

A company can have several training courses and attend them once or several times.

I need to do two things: 

1. group training courses by company and calculate the average length, whatever the training courses

2. make the sum of the training courses a company has attended


Both results will be gathered in a single Summary field showing two lines : 

Training length : xx months

attended courses : 

Course1 : n times ; course2 : n times ; course3 : n times ; ...


thank you for your help






9 - Comet

Hi @Esmeralda_In_Paris ,


If I'm understanding your question correctly, all of this can be done within a single summarize tool.