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Auto-populate powerpoint template with Alteryx

6 - Meteoroid

Hi all,


Inspired by the success of my first post, I am eager to see, what the power of the Alteryx Community can achieve J


We are looking for the ability to compile marketing collateral – in the form of a PowerPoint file.


User flow (app):

  1. Select customer
  2. Select meeting type
  3. Press button and receive powerpoint file, with populated charts and figures. The file must be editable for custom messaging.

So we are looking for a workflow (app) that contains the data model, and the reference to the meeting type templates. Its important, the output keeps the ‘design’ and that the file is editable.


The data model is not the problem here, nor the app input. It’s the creation of the powerpoint file that we haven’t been able to solve yet.

Can it be done with alteryx?


(attached you will find a sketch on the final output)

7 - Meteor


How do you export multiple power point slides using this?m E.G 3 slides on this example

Thanks Dan

8 - Asteroid

This made my morning! Great Job, I put it to use myself!

11 - Bolide


Could you please tell me which XML file that was modified?

I used a 7zip to extract the PowerPoint and it produced many xml files, but I was not sure which XML was the one that contained actual content to modify.

Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 8.52.04 AM.png