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Introducing: PDF to Text

Posted yesterday
Read to learn about the next generation PDF reading with the latest addition to Intelligence Suite: PDF to Text.

Football (Soccer) Analytics: Using Alteryx to Predict the Wo...

Posted 2 weeks ago
How we can take data from every international match to undertake historical analysis and then use this to predict future results, including the world cup!

Average Joes: Predicting Perfection GOAT Guide (NBA)

Posted 10-17-2022
In this session, we will take player recruits and their average measures across a variety of basketball stats and see which players map to which top 10 all-time NBA GOAT player pro...

How to Predict Late Payments with Machine Learning

Posted 09-30-2022
Read how you can build an accounts receivable predictive model with Alteryx Machine Learning.

Average Joes: College Football Predictions

Posted 09-23-2022
Watch to see how to use Alteryx Machine Learning to get predictions for the number of games won by college football teams!

Alteryx Machine Learning: Power to the People, Analytics for...

Posted 09-02-2022
In this last part, we will focus on understanding the model's results to explain it and put it into production so that it starts generating value immediately.  

Minimal Dependencies of Minimal Dependencies: A Story Result...

Posted 08-30-2022
Getting adequate support and testing in place for minimum dependency resolution is crucial in ensuring that users won’t run into unexpected problems.

Alteryx Machine Learning: Power to the people, Analytics for...

Posted 08-25-2022
In this second installment of three, we will talk about how to configure the platform to create predictive models.  

Podcast Episodes

2021 Alter Everything and Data Science Mixer highlights

Posted 01-17-2022
In this crossover episode, we flashback to some of our favorite moments from Alter Everything and Data Science Mixer.

Leading the data science pack at Peloton | Ibby Syed

Posted 01-03-2022
As one of the first data scientists at Peloton, Ibby Syed has a passion for enabling others to access powerful data science tools and techniques in order to drive insights and lear...

Shaping safety policies for children in AI enabled spaces |...

Posted 12-13-2021
Do children interacting with AI-enabled systems need special protections? Steven Vosloo, policy specialist in digital connectivity at UNICEF, shares what data scientists should kee...

Investigating IoT and AI ethics | Ria Cheruvu

Posted 11-29-2021
Ria Cheruvu, AI Ethics Lead Architect for Intel’s Internet of Things engineering group, is passionate about making sure IoT and AI systems are created ethically and used fairly. Sh...

Shaping the future of AutoML systems | Kalyan Veeramachaneni

Posted 11-15-2021
What’s next for AutoML systems? We’re joined by Kalyan Veeramachaneni, who is a principal research scientist and faculty member in computer science at MIT, as well as an Alteryx fe...