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As the leader of Customer Advocacy, I get the pleasure of seeing first-hand how customers around the world are solutioning and driving compelling business results with Alteryx.


Our customers are proud of what they have accomplished and are enthusiastic about the product. Many of them advocate by sharing their stories and experiences through various means, from endorsing the products with a prospective customer to delivering a presentation at a local user group or Inspire conference.  Their stories might also be captured through case studies, use cases, webinars, podcasts or video testimonials.  Their experiences can also be shared through social networks and various communities or forums.


If you are proud and passionate about your Alteryx experience, why not advocate?  There are many benefits to advocacy that you may not have considered.  Here are just a few:


  1. Building your personal brand. Advocacy allows you to promote your innovative and forward-thinking approaches to problem solving.  It showcases your leadership and expertise as someone who invested in a solution that was the right choice and delivered the desired outcome. 


  1. Gain professional advancement. Through advocacy, you validate leadership, decision making, and your value which can be instrumental in getting internal recognition or promotion.  It also connects you to an expansive network where you can demonstrate your expertise, skills and thought-leadership to increase your overall value in the market.


  1. Influence product direction. Customers who have publicly tied their reputation to the success of the solution build personal capital that allows them to participate in programs and communities that can influence the product roadmap.


  1. Establish relationships with your peers. Build relationships with your counterparts to learn best practices and accelerate your success. It allows you to avoid challenges that other customers have experienced, while helping others succeed.


Are YOU ready to advocate for Alteryx? Learn more by reaching out to your sales, customer success or support representative about how you can advocate.  You may also directly contact the Customer Advocacy team at advocacy@alteryx.com


Keep solutioning with Alteryx and tell us about it!