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12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

DATA! With every passing day, the world is becoming more and more data-driven. How prepared are you for this change?


Alteryx, the leading platform for self-service data analytics, knows that ordinary people do extraordinary things, given the right tools and support. Information that expands our knowledge, helps our neighbors, solves our problems, and makes our world a better place. Alteryx for Good combines the power of the Alteryx Platform with the efforts of professors, students, and charitable organizations, to do great things in the world. 


We are proud to launch Alteryx for Good in India.  For the first time, we can bring together non-government organizations, students and professors, and our passionate volunteers to discuss ways to solve for humanity through data. Together as a community, we want to empower data enthusiasts and enable social causes through the use of analytics.

AFG LOGO-150.pngWhat is Alteryx for Good?

Alteryx For Good supports non-profits and small foundations in the great work they do by providing them with analytic tools that help their organizations deliver better services, inform their stakeholders and funders, and advance their missions and projects.


We want to help train the next generation of data scientists, equip educators with top industry tools to prepare sought-after graduates, enable analytics between industry and academics and give students the opportunity to master different analytic applications.

We invite you to join us this Saturday to learn more about how Alteryx For Good and our volunteers can transform your challenges into solutions!


To top things off, two passionate Alteryx ACE's  Mark Frisch (@MarqueeCrew) and Sean Adams (@SeanAdams), will be joining us for the launch activities.  This is a great opportunity to ask questions and learn more about how Alteryx can benefit your organization or curriculum.


Just last week, Mark, Sean, myself and our volunteers spent some time helping a local NGO understand their challenges related to data. We discussed their current method in which their organization manages their data and introduced how Alteryx tools can help organize their data and the importance of presenting their findings through dashboards and storytelling. 

Interested charity organizations, university/college professors, students and data enthusiasts, are invited to attend our historic launch event in Namma Bengaluru:


Date: Saturday, 17th March 2018

Time: 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM IST

Venue: Silicrest Hotel, Bangalore

Registration: AFG Launch Event Page


Limited seats, don’t miss the chance to be part of our unique Alteryx for Good event!


Yugandhar Muley
Associate - Advanced Specialist

Yug is a BI enthusiast and developer. He strongly believes in leveraging BI for enabling business decisions and eliminating mundane tasks. Yug also shares passion for helping charity organizations in solving their data-related challenges.