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There are many organizations who push to create equality for women.  I love the work of Women who Code.  I appreciate Girl Scouts, and all they do for young women.  


For me, education made a huge difference in my outlook. My university experience opened my eyes.  In Business School, our Business Stats program was taught by a woman.  In her, I could suddenly see what sort of woman I wanted to be.  When I was in school, I was judged by my work, and not as much by my gender.  I saw women taking leadership roles.  Women didn't have to be glorified secretaries.  They were free to spread their wings and soar.


Personally, I try to provide that example on a regular basis to the women around me.  I write a regular blog as part of my job.  I make sure that I feature women equally.  I need to see that women are succeeding.  I need to know that my experiences are "normal'.  So, I write the blog.  I provide to the world the things that I need to help me keep pushing.  Here are two recent blog posts about women doing really cool things in analytics.