Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

I'm extremely fortunate to be surrounded by many intelligent, driven women that have probably forgotten more about analytics than I'll ever know. Here are just a few:


@MaureenW - The open air concept of our office in Irvine, CA means that I get to hear bits and pieces of all kinds of conversations throughout the day. Some of my favorite are when Maureen is on the phone with a customer. Her immense knowledge of analytics and ability to articulate it in a way that helps our customers move their initiatives forward are incredible.


@TaraM - I'm running out of superlatives to describe Tara. Everything that she touches turns Alteryx blue. I would be lost without her analytical skills, design prowess, and steady personality. Not all of our customers know Tara, but they see her work each and every day when they open the Designer.


@AbbyH - She is smart, funny, and an analytical powerhouse. When I need insights, Abby is there. A large part of the success of any of my initiatives is derived from my ability to understand what is happening, how to interpret the data, and what decisions to make as a result. That doesn't happen as fast or as completely without Abby.