Alteryx Partner
Alteryx Partner

There is a person on my team who has no background in analytics. She didn't go to college and has no formal training in any analytics tools. For years she was just stuck in excel and became quite good at handling and manipulating data. When we started our pilot, she saw me using Alteryx and was asking me about what it does. So I was showing her about how we were looking to use it and how it could be implemented. She asked about connecting to Excel and we went over to her desk and installed Alteryx and did a crash course. In a few days she had automated a huge part of her job (hours a week) and was just like, "I NEED MORE". So when the time came to implement Alteryx outside of the pilot environment she was one of the first candidates for a license. Since then she has done a lot of work with automating certain excel based processes as well as learned the basics of SQL and querying DBs. Recently, she used Alteryx to transform how our AR team looks at aged revenue in a way that no one had really ever seen. I would give her a shout out on here, but she doesn't have LinkedIn (We are working on building that personal brand). Her name is Shanalie Evans.


In general it's great when you are able to give anyone an opportunity and they can just latch on and run with it. However it's always inspiring to see someone who's gender under represented in an industry and just get into it. The other day she told me she would marry Alteryx if she could.

Treyson Marks
Senior Analytics Engineer
PK Global