6 - Meteoroid

Alteryx enabled me to show my organisation what joined-up data gave in the way of benefits,  at scale and pace. Use the novelty of joined up data to get transforming: I started with things which were natural pipelines but had been managed and analysed within silos. I  joined our first 12 stage process up from end to end, demonstrated within that novel data view it's stage and end to end TATs and it's leaks and blocks. The ROI efficiency points wrote themselves, I never had to go hunting for accountable folks to push them through. What was previously mired in seeming complexity was surfaced, measurable and improvable. To really sell the whole thing I phrased it as a proof of concept, so the business owners could really own the process improvement. And timed visual delivery to coincide with new visual server. It was not really a concept prpduct though. It was ready to go out of the box. I didn't want to have to make enthusiasim wait on stabilisation.


I'm currently doing a proof of concept suite for the intelligence suite, which should give us another jump start forwards. Choose something big, persist in the corners of time you can gain and gestate until ready for adoption by the business owners.