Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Thanks @ChrisS  for reaching out to the Women of Analytics Community!  I was honored to present recently at the Healthcare User Group Q1 2019 meeting, and as @SGolnik said, the leadership team of the Healthcare User Group and Chris do an outstanding job of preparing for the presentations, timing, and making sure everything runs smoothly!


It was awesome to work with Chris and their leadership team, and I highly recommend to WoA members to consider presenting at any of the Industry / Departmental group meetings; plus, if you have a chance to present at local Alteryx user groups as well, it gives you added experience - as well as benefits the user group members with insight and new knowledge!


Chris, I am definitely interested in presenting for the Transportation, Finance and Marketing groups; I specialize in Spatial and Demographic Analytics (20 years now) and I have applied Spatial Analytics in all three of these areas.  Location always matters, right?  :)


Thanks again for asking our WoA members to present; I know you will receive a ton of capable and talented presenters from this group!