Hi team!

I've just recently joined the leadership of my local user group (Milwaukee) so I don't yet have a whole lot of experiences to share, but will say I'm looking forward to collaborating with my peers! We're putting the finishing touches on our Q1 meeting, and so far the amount of planning on each of us has been relatively painless (there are 6 of us to split the work).


I work for a manufacturing company, so I'm guessing this would likely put me in the Public Sector group. I'd be happy to help with leadership of that as well if needed (though I'd like to give first dibs to other people first!). I'd also be happy to present - I've recently developed a series of analytic apps that automate our Rebates payout process. We process more than $26M in rebates each year, and prior to Alteryx, it was done spreadsheets. 


Looking forward to more from these user groups!