16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

For me, I'm continually inspired when junior staff take their own development into their hands, and drive their own learning faster than I would have asked.   

One of these is a young lady who works in my team - she has been interested in data and BI for many months, and one day she came over to ask me to pull together a data-set for her - I opened up alteryx, and she led me through every table I needed, the fields and their meanings, the joins etc.


What's amazing about this is that this lady has had no training in SQL, or in our table structures, or how basic analytics worked.


When I asked about this - she said "there's no need to wait to be trained - I taught myself SQL online" and she's been actively interrogating our data and finding more interesting insights than several of the formally trained people in the team.


Irrespective of gender; background; origin; etc - it strikes me that the convergence of interest; drive; and opportunity is the magic formula - and it's incumbent on us to make sure that the talented and promising people in our teams (especially female talent which is so rare in computer-science or analytical roles) are allowed to explore and develop so that they can out-pace us in the near future.