10 - Fireball

Hello friends,

It was a pleasure to bring to you all the fall Toronto UG virtual meeting. Aren't we all getting used to this environment now? I and my fellow UG leaders would like to thank everyone who joined the call and asked some amazing questions to the speakers. Also, thank you for couple of you who have volunteered to present at future meetings - look out for connections from one of us!



Recapping the event:

- Simran was great at orchestrating this event as always

- Amar showcased the API usecase with Tableau dashboarding. Register for his webinar to get more insights into this use case: -

- Thank you Michelle and Jim for taking time from your busy schedules to present the Alteryx support model. Having Alteryx executives present at our meetings, makes everyone excited

- And Saravanakumar, thank you for hosting one of the weekly challenges and chatting about the reporting tools. They aren't as straight-forward if you haven't used them before and I am definitely one of the users who learnt from what you presented.


Stay tuned for our last UG meeting of 2020 on Dec 10, 2020.


Au revoir!  adiós!  Goodbye for now  and stay safe!