11 - Bolide

Hi there, I'm Maureen and I'm an independent data consultant specializing in Alteryx enablement.  I worked for Alteryx for 14 years in mostly technical, customer-facing roles and then started out on my own as a consultant and Alteryx partner in 2018.  I've moved back to Toronto (where I grew up) after having lived in California for 17 years (moved down to work at Alteryx). 


The most recent movie I've seen is called The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind and I highly recommend it.  Amazing story and a reminder of how darn easy my North American life is in contrast to others.


Not sure which Alteryx tool represents me the most but two of my favorite tools are Multi-row formula and RegEx cause they are so darn powerful.


I'm happy to join the Toronto User Group and look forward to meeting the local users - some of which I already know from working with them over the years 🙂