5 - Atom

Hello my name is Piyush Routray, and I work as Big Data platform administrator. My work involves Hadoop, AWS, Snowflake, Databricks and recently, Alteryx.

9 - Comet

Hi Piyush,

Welcome to the Alteryx Toronto Community hub and nice to e-meet you. I am Pankaj Kotak, one of the leaders for the Toronto Alteryx User Group.

Generally, this would be the time for Analyticon (aka Insipire) and we would have had our Q2 meet already...... but happy to connect with you offline and chat more about what you do and how we can support you on the Alteryx.

Pls send me a private message and we can exchange contacts.

Welcome again and stay safe.


7 - Meteor

Hi everyone,


Hope everyone is safe and doing well during these challenging times. Quick introduction, I am a business/data analyst who has moved to Toronto a couple of months back. I am excited to be here and to jump into this new chapter.


Looking forward to meeting the group and to connect with you all! Have an amazing week ahead!



Rohit Govind




My name is Marie-Claire and I work at Alteryx as French Language Instructional Designer.


Since I'm located in TO, I thought I could join the Group.


I don't remember the last movie I have seen in a theater but I will probably go to see the new version of Dune when it's out.


Have a great day!

9 - Comet

Hi Marie-Claire,

This is awesome and we would love to have you attend this virtual session. Stay tuned for more details soon.

Hopefully we can get together in person for a year-end part or even celebrate new year sometime Jan with all the Alteryx users here in Toronto.

Also would look forward to any contributions from your perspective in future meetings as a presenter

Personally I would love to know more the work you are doing from a French language perspective with Alteryx.