2020 Q1 St. Louis User Group Meeting Recap

9 - Comet

Thank you to everyone who was in attendance last night! We started off the year strong with 30+ people, all coming from various skill levels and industries! Also, a very special thank you to @DerangedVisions for hosting - she handled the venue, the food, and even made the killer signage that so many of you loved.



You can find the slide deck that was on rotation at the beginning and ending of the meeting. It includes the following:

  • Agenda
  • Alter Everything Podcast
  • Inspire Analyticon information
  • Grand Prix Application
  • User Group Survey (Please take this if you did not have a chance to on Tuesday night!)
  • New Community Search
  • New Data Science Learning Path
  • Women in Data Science (WiDS) details
  • March Madness details
  • Alteryx For Good details

Core Certification:

My slide deck (with links!) is uploaded below as well. The last slide also has some helpful articles that I wasn't able to talk about.


Weekly Challenge:

@Treyson introduced Challenge #49  to the group. We had a wonderful amount of collaboration with user group members pairing up and solving together! If you weren't able to attend, we highly recommend trying it yourself.


How Certification Can Be a Game Changer for You, Your Career & Team:

@DavidVelleca discussed how he challenged his team (and himself) to get certified. He went over the process from having one Core Certified member on his team, to nearly all of them becoming Advanced Certified! Slide deck of the presentation is attached as well.



Again, if you have not taken the User Group survey, please download the Intro & Outro slides to do so.


If you have any questions or need any additional help, please feel free to reach out to any one of the UG Leaders (that's what we're here for!).


Thank you all again! We will see everyone very soon!