10 - Fireball

Hi STL Community, let's show NA Central what we've got 🙂



  1. What did you learn by attending the UG meeting today? What would you like to learn about at the Q2 meeting? 

    I learned about @NicoleJohnson 's amazing journey from starting out in Alteryx to tackling tough computer science problems like the Advent of Code. It was inspiring - I need to step my game up! 🙂 

    For Q2, I think I would like to hear more personal use cases of Alteryx from the community. Something that people can share that isn't necessary sensitive or anything like that. Like maybe someone created a workflow to scrape their favorite website, or they did some cool analysis with their own data. You would have to share the workflow so others could see, though!

  2. What do you do for a living? Manager of Data Engineering

  3. How long have you used Alteryx? I'm a bit fuzzy on the exact start date, but I think Summer of 2016 - so just about 5 years.

(Sorry, my WFH space is currently under construction, so no pictures at this time)