8 - Asteroid
  1. What did you learn by attending the UG meeting today? What would you like to learn about at the Q2 meeting? I spent time looking over the spatial challenge (#220) with the host.  It helps me clarifying some of the concepts from the training videos that I got a 'Huh?' from. The session actually gave me some additional ideas on how to arrive at the answer quicker and it was fun testing that out along the way. Sorry I was not able to talk because my desktop mic was not working. I'll join the conversation via phone next time.  As regarding Q2 learning topic, how about REGEX?  
  2. What do you do for a living? I am a distribution intelligence analyst, just a fancy name for 'data analytics'.  the distribution part is referring to sales distribution and the intelligence part is just sales insights. 
  3. How long have you used Alteryx? I have been using Alteryx since 2018