Thanks for your interest. Van Yancey (Slalom) will be sending out an email survey to all attendees from this week's and our last meeting. We'll be asking for formalized ideas and level of interest/involvement from each volunteer.  This will help us track availability and begin to submit the applications for AlteryxForGoood.  Expect that to come through this week. 


Top Suggesions

  • Teaching Alteryx to Youth (Basic Overview Instruction)
  • Develop and Deliver Data Analytics Program (with Alteryx) and deliver through learning/educational partnership
  • Solve a Data Problem for a local charity (locally) -  Volunteer time to help an organization use Alteryx to help solve a data challenge
  • Solve a Data Problem (virtually) - Volunteer time to help an organization


Meeting Attendees (7/26/2016)

  • Ann Jackson
  • Damaris Jensen
  • Gessica Briggs-Sullivan
  • Joshua Jackson
  • Michael Perillo
  • Rohan Shah
  • Scott Jones
  • Van Yancey