Alteryx Partner

Hello everyone,


Looking forward to connecting at Inspire this weekend/next week.  A few items we discussed for Inspire are below.  Let me know your thoughts.


Philly AUG Meetup @ Inspire

  • We have a few options here, but I'm thinking it will be good for us to meet earlier in the week.  How about during the welcome reception on Monday night (5-7 pm)?  From speaking with Alteryx, it sounds like it will be taking place in the large space that houses all vendor booths, the Alteryx Community space, etc.  Let's meet at the Community booth/section for some introductions at 6pm.  Does that work for everyone?


Communicating @ Inspire

  • Again, we have several options.  Based on what is available, free, and allows communication across companies and android/iphone platforms, I would recommend Whatsapp.  If you would send me a direct message with your phone number (and you've downloaded the app), I will setup the group chat on Whatsapp and add you to the list.