In NYC? Love Alteryx? Love Swag?


Hey All --


We are PUMPED to announce that Alteryx and Thompson Reuters will be featured on 10 billboards in Times Square July 17-19! Join us as we celebrate the thrill of solving with a social media contest.


All you need to do is:


Take a picture of yourself in front of our billboards at Thompson Reuters - 3 Times Square, New York, NY 10036, and post the picture on Twitter and mention @Alteryx and @yourONESOURCE


That's it! We will be randomly selecting winners for Amazon and Alteryx Swag gift cards. We will also select some of the funniest and most creative for prizes as well.


One more thing: We will be holding an Alteryx Swag Mob July 17 at 5:45pm in front of the Thompson Reuters building. If you want to participate, we will be giving out Alteryx Swag in their lobby from 5:00 - 5:40pm, then gathering outside for a special picture and video - we hope you can make it!


If you have any questions about our contest, please reach out to me, or to our social media team directly at