How To Hijack An Existing Tool & Make It Your Own!

Attached my PowerPoint Presentation called "How To Hijack An Existing Tool & Make It Your Own" version 1.1 now available that I'm happy to share with anyone, and even if you want to take credit for it just change slides 6 and 33 as Sharing Knowledge is a Cornerstone of Our Community. And from your point of view I know my note taking is horrible. So with this presentation you can copy anything out of it, and use it as a reference for creating your own Macros.


Your free to use it in your company, or any User Group. And free to slice and dice up, or make something new.  Or even update, and upload your version so lets keep this a living document.


All want in return is Replies and Stars.


Updated to include the additional picture of the Alteryx Tool's Icon images.

Alteryx Folder of Tools Icons.jpg