User Group Meetings Restart! Input Needed!

Alteryx Partner

Hi All,


My name is Joshua Burkhow and I have been working with Lauren Uyeno at Alteryx to get this UG back up and running! We need your valuable feedback to make this stick and work for as many people as possible. I am the leading two other groups as well so I have seen groups go from 5 or 6 to more than 80 people at a UG. We can make this happen, just need to be consistent. I have a couple questions below. You can answer by replying or you can email me at . Feel free to give me your opinion on what would make this UG exceed your expections! 


Q1 - What is the best location for you to attend a User Group? 


Q2 - What are 3 things that are reasons why you would or do attend an Alteryx User Group? 


Q3 - What are the best times for you to attend the UG during the week?


Q4 - What topics would you like to see covered? 



All the best!