FedEx Developer APIs - Rate Request


Hello all - first post to the Transportation User Group Community!  Has anyone had experience creating a workflow to access FedEx Rate Service calls via API?  Looking for a means to be able to understand our LTL actuals and compare the FedEx Parcel rate with an origin zip, dest zip and weight in pounds.  Seems easy enough but prefer getting started I thought it best to begin here.


Shawn White

Hi Shawn,


I haven't done API calls myself, but I know John Thompson from CarGill is our resident spatial expert, and Isacar Racine Rodriguez from Copa Airlines may have dabbled in API recently.





Hey Shawn, 


I don't have much experience with API calls, I'm assuming you guys already have API keys and access your using now and just want to incorporate into an Alteryx workflow? The Download tool is your spot for accessing APIs, but every API uses different syntax for calls so figuring out how to write that is going to rely on the API documentation from FedEx. 




I've made a few API connections using the download and then parsed out JSON parse or XML parse depending on the output.  In each instance, I used Postman first to get the connection working.  Once the connections were confirmed, I would apply the parameters to text input & download tools in Alteryx.


Here's a bit more primer on APIs: