Hi Everyone,


There's a bunch of construction going on right now as Paychex is moving into some other buildings around here. There's a pic below and here are some directions.



225 Kenneth Drive Henrietta NY 14623


Take Lehigh Station Exit on 390 and exit going west (left for northbound, right for southbound)

Take a right at Kenneth Drive (First light w/ Mobil and Dunkin Donuts)

We are the first Paychex building on the left (there are multiple Paychex buildings)

You'll take the third driveway following the gas station, park and take the main entrance


I've circled the building, put an x on the parking lot and a little diamond on the entrance. I'll be near the door and the security guard will know you're coming. If you have any questions email


We'll also grab a couple pizzas so if you have a preference let me know! If I don't hear back we'll go with one cheese and one everything.