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I'm Richard and I've been using Alteryx for about 2 months now. I work for Coventry University in the Strategic Planning and Analytics Office where we are responsible for statutory returns, dashboarding, student number planning and course portfolio advice.


Our driver for introducing Alteryx was to help us run our student number planning process where we look at how many students are enrolled in the current year, apply progression rates and try to predict how many students we will have next year. The numbers are then used for planning and budgeting across the University. The process has previously been run using Excel spreadsheets which is very labour intensive and so we were looking for a more effective tool! For this round of student number planning I am using Alteryx for data processing then Excel for the outputs and distribution to interested parties although we also use Tableau and I will be looking at using Tableau for data visualisation in the future. Alteryx has been a fantastic tool and has already given us time savings on the process allowing more time in the future for bringing in contextual data to help us improve our projections. At present, I am the only person in the University who is using Aleryx and we only have one license but there are plenty of processes that could be improved with the use of Alteryx so I’m sure we will be expanding the pool of Alteryx users!


As I am very new to Alteryx I would like to learn more about pretty much every area really but I would particularly like to learn more about the analytics tools and web-scraping.


I’m looking forward to meeting some more experienced users of Alteryx at the user group meetings!