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Hi everyone, I am Samantha. 🙂


I am currently working within the retail industry at Sainsbury's (including Sainsbury's Argos).


We use Alteryx in a number of ways within our division at the moment, we have desktop, spatial, scheduler and sever and utilise it all. We enjoy creating apps, macros and batch macros to assist our users everyday and solve business problems. I personal would love to grow in predictive and to be able to do more analytics, often find myself stuck in the day to day required jobs and forget to arrange some playing time. At the moment I am training a number of people up to use Alteryx within Sainsbury's for various purposes such as webscraping, app building, creating catchments, etc.


I am thrilled to be leading this group and mentoring others through their analytical discoveries.


What I love about Alteryx, I love the fact that I can start and finish a task, job within the same program. 

(Please share what you love too - what makes you passionate about Alteryx)