11 - Bolide
11 - Bolide

@LaurenU wrote:

Thanks for being so welcoming @samanthaj_hughes! Looking forward to the next meeting.


@Wasim, thanks for the reminder that you are more in the southwest. I actually have been having a conversation with @S_Summers in Wales. I see @Si-Pri is near Bristol. Would it be of interest to have the 3 of you band together to have a group to support the southwest region? I'm not sure what travel times are like and if people are willing to travel to each different city. It will be a small risk and I'm not sure what the return will look like.


Sorry, Samantha for potentially stealing people, but this opportunity might be a good thing. :)

That you are Lauren!  :O


I don't mind them coming along and then setting up on their own. It's great to understand what is required to set one up and content, etc.


Everyone is welcome!