11 - Bolide
11 - Bolide

@Wasim wrote:

Good to hear from you buddy. I’d definitely recommend attending the next Northampton user group.

Some great people to learn from especially within Sam’s team over at Sainsbury’s Property Analytics - some of their spatial use cases are mind blowing.

Will try and attend the next user group myself, be good to catchup with you and everyone else.


Thanks Wasim!


I might ask Tim to come and talk about the Regions in a more in-depth look if you all fancy it?


For those who didn't attend INSPIRE this year, Tim has built an automated way to build Regions within Alteryx, and sub regions when locations are provided with a Region column pre-populated. Using the spatial tools and the Map Input tool he can automate a process which took 2 weeks per iteration into seconds...! :O



Star here if that is something you would all like to see!