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@Si-Pri wrote:

Hi everyone,


I am Simon from Bristol, which is clearly not in Northampton/Coventry!...my companies head office is in Leamington Spa, so I’m hoping that’s good enough to avoid the boot! For a number of months, I have considered setting up a user group in the South West, but feel I should increase my Alteryx experience first.


This group stood out as a good place to be for a number of reasons:

1 - It contains a colleague of mine (James)

2 – The person who first introduced me to Alteryx and continues to be a friend, is a member (Wasim)

3 – and if I recall correctly, the group’s leader is a member of the Inspire 2018 grand prix pit crew!


I work for Infrastructure, which is the Civil Engineering and utilities wing of Wolseley UK.

To a various level of skill I use Alteryx for the following activities:


  • Building and querying independent performance databases [That link SQL, Excel flat files and Business Objects to other external sources]
  • Partially-autonomous, complex reporting
  • Spatial Analytics
  • Preparation of Sales dashboards that apply predictive modelling
  • Webscraping
  • Mass data blending


We are new to system, so I would like to grow in the area of exploring opportunities and platforms beyond the Alteryx designer.

My next area to tackle will be macros and how I can utilise them, so if anyone has any tips or documentation it would be very much appreciated.


Hoping I can stick around, 


Welcome Simon!


I am so pleased we can be accessible for you and no we will not "give you the boot"!! All Alteryx users are welcome here, new or old. 


We do have a meeting coming up which I need to finalise, it will incorporate a download from INSPIRE (and being in the Grand Prix) and perhaps some useful sharing again. I have lots of goodies form the User Group team at Alteryx I can give away.


We can absolutely cover Macros and I would get yourself on the Academy on Alteryx website, they have some fab ways of learning there now, my intern has proven that they do absolutely work because she became CORE certified within 18 days of starting her role. :D I can share our training plan with you if that helps during the User Group.


Also I might see if I can get Nick Jewel or Alteryx to show us some more on the new features. I plan on signing up for the BETA hopefully. So I might also be able to share some great tips on what's coming.


Welcome and keep watching this space for the next Alteryx User Group.


until then happy Alteryxing all!