8 - Asteroid

Hi everyone,


I am Simon from Bristol, which is clearly not in Northampton/Coventry!...my companies head office is in Leamington Spa, so I’m hoping that’s good enough to avoid the boot! For a number of months, I have considered setting up a user group in the South West, but feel I should increase my Alteryx experience first.


This group stood out as a good place to be for a number of reasons:

1 - It contains a colleague of mine (James)

2 – The person who first introduced me to Alteryx and continues to be a friend, is a member (Wasim)

3 – and if I recall correctly, the group’s leader is a member of the Inspire 2018 grand prix pit crew!


I work for Infrastructure, which is the Civil Engineering and utilities wing of Wolseley UK.

To a various level of skill I use Alteryx for the following activities:


  • Building and querying independent performance databases [That link SQL, Excel flat files and Business Objects to other external sources]
  • Partially-autonomous, complex reporting
  • Spatial Analytics
  • Preparation of Sales dashboards that apply predictive modelling
  • Webscraping
  • Mass data blending


We are new to system, so I would like to grow in the area of exploring opportunities and platforms beyond the Alteryx designer.

My next area to tackle will be macros and how I can utilise them, so if anyone has any tips or documentation it would be very much appreciated.


Hoping I can stick around,