Met a new friend, Alteryx and it's impact on my data journey!


Our Passion and Company’s Mission are aligned and this sweet spot is seen in Alteryx Community.


Just when I had the thoughts of learning Alteryx, I came across a post on the Twitter from the Bangalore user group and immediately two words stuck my mind.


1: Beginner level training(was a complete novice)


2: AlteryxFriends, I thought let me be a part of this meet-up, where I get to understand the beginner level work around and also meet some like-minded individuals.


As soon as I walked-in to the location, I was greeted by Subrat and then the session began in a couple of minutes.


It was an informative session and by the end of it, not only did I make some good friends, but also I could see their enthusiasm towards helping others, by solving some of the problems through data. I felt the driving factor of everyone was the passion they had for helping each other and creating a positive impact on the society by solving social problems using data.


An example of solving a social cause (@ Sai Krushna Charitable Trust) using data was shown and seeing those photos literally gave me goosebumps. Honestly, I got a little emotional looking at the pictures of kids’ happy faces (before and after the journey) and that’s when I felt I should be a part of amazing group to contribute and grow continuously with each other. This was the key moment of the session for me.


As a part of my first meet-up I discussed some of the ideas I had with the Altreyx Ace Yug and he was more than happy to acknowledge them. Here’s what I have in mind;


1: Let us try to connect virtually every month; this gives a platform to engage regularly and discuss some use-cases and best practices. Maybe some of the one’s we may often stumble upon at work / while solving some challenges. The reason for is, we might also encounter a similar scenario in our data journey.


2: In the future meet ups; we can even have live sessions where people can get their laptops and be ready with the tool, so that we can practice and learn simultaneously.


Let me know what you guys think of this.


I would like to re-iterate that Alteryx for social good is a heart touching gesture where we get to be ourselves mainly and also work on the company’s core strategy of creating a positive impact on the social upfront using data.


Last but not the least, I personally had a chance to speak with Ace Yug and Subrat, I can say that they were some of the friendliest people I have ever met. They were totally inspiring and their journey with Alteryx left a tremendous impact on my data journey.


Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day ahead.





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