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Re: A field was missing a closing quote in record xxx - Tab Delimited File

I'm making an assumption that there are no tab characters in your txt file which are INSIDE of an ex ...

Re: Join occasionally has no to proceed

If I'm understanding you @parnell correctly, you have a join where the RIGHT side (could be LEFT) of ...

Re: Remove Duplicates from Cell after Concatenation

Hi @nathalie93, I took your regex_replace approach and included leading and lagging whitespace to co ...

Re: Batch remove null columns and output into multiple tabs

 Hi @kharabpati ,  The batch macro above should do the job. Please check the sample workflow + macro ...

Re: Thousands separator is a dot; How to replace it with comma

If you have numbers that contain both . period as thousands separator and , comma as decimal indicat ...

Comment - Send to back

Has anyone else noticed that tools placed on top of comment boxes are prone to disappearing behind t ...

Re: File not found error in Dynamic input tool

Hi @KLS  Like @DavidP said, the Dynamic Input needs access to the template file even if the file nam ...

Re: Error : "has a different schema than the 1st file in the set and will be skipped&&

The schema also looks for changes in field type/size, not just name. That is typically the source of ...

Re: Error : "has a different schema than the 1st file in the set and will be skipped

You could use 2 input data tools loading the  1st file and you file in question and then attach a fi ...

Help w/ Error: "AlteryxProcessManager::Start: Timed out in DataWrap2_ConnectNamedPipe..."

Can anyone provide any color on what the error message means? I have read other posts implying that ...