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ACE Spotlight Series: Chris McEleavey

Today’s ACE spotlight is Chris McEleavey! Keep reading to learn more about Chris and what makes him ...

Re: Advent of Code 2023 Day 1 (BaseA Style)

Really I would think this is something we should look into adding to the find/replace as an option! 

The Maveryx Community Celebrates 8 Years!

Hear about highlights from the last year of Community and our special surprise for you!

Allow use of formulas in the Select Records tool

Add the ability in the select records tool to use formulas not just record numbers. 

Provide method within Alteryx to directly open & modify a .YXFT file

Thinking you're able to open the config file like you might a macro. You pull it open, adjust/modify ...

Join Tool , allow to click on a connection and say “switch" L & R connection

On the "Join Tool"  allow to click on a connection and say “switch L & R” connection.  Currently if ...

Allow more configuration options including headers and footers in PowerPoint PPT renders

We would like to see more configuration options for renders to PowerPoint PPT. Specifically, we woul ...

Add functionality to the results pane of the SELECT tool for "click and drag"

I ❤️ Alteryx but sometimes I miss some of the abilities Tableau has to visualize the data output whi ...

Bring back to multiple-column X-axis and "dynamic layer" feature for charts?

Dear Development Team,Can we bring back to multiple-column X-axis feature for chart?The old (depreci ...

ACE Spotlight Series: Claire McCollough

Today’s ACE spotlight is Claire McCollough! Keep reading to learn more about Claire and what makes h ...