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WiDS Datathon - In Case You Missed It

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Just wanted to make sure our Women of Analytics community didn't miss out on a great opportunity to participate in the Women in Data Science challenge!


@vaishaliv, Alteryx Sales Engineer and Australia’s first Stanford Ambassador for Women in Data Science (WiDS) ,shared all about it earlier this week on the Alter.Nation Blog. I included a brief summary here for your convenience, but would encourage you to check out Vaishali's post for further details: Thrilled for a challenge? Join the Women in Data Science Datathon now!



The Challenge

The WiDS Datathon 2020 challenge is to create a model that uses data from the first 24 hours of intensive care to predict patient survival. The dataset is available online on Kaggle. Please refer to the WiDS Datathon page on Kaggle for all details and FAQ.


Important Dates

  • The competition has just started on January 13, 2020
  • It closes on February 24
  • Winners will be announced at the WiDS Conference on March 2nd and via livestream


Helpful Tips

ANYONE around the world can participate, from those new to data science to veterans of the field. Form teams of up to four with at least 50% women participation. Male champions are wholeheartedly welcomed to participate and help create a supportive environment for women worldwide to learn data science.


If interested, please feel free to leverage the Women of Analytics group forum to look for team mates! Either reply to this post or start a new topic. For participants, we'd love for you to share updates/challenges/successes with the group!


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Super excited !! I hope all is really well

Ok - so when is the deadline ?


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

The end date for the datathon is February 24th, but you can join in anytime through Kaggle. There are further details here: Thrilled for a challenge? Join the Women in Data Science Datathon now!