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Podcast listening party! Celebrating women on Alteryx podcasts

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Happy International Women's Month!


One of my favorite things about my 3 years at Alteryx has been the commitment to celebrate women in analytics and data science year round. From panels hosted at Alteryx offices, to Spotlight blogs and discussion opportunities, it's been awesome to meet folks in our Community committed to lifting each other up.


Our podcast program is also committed to celebrating women, and all through March you'll get to hear from our amazing Community members on both the Alter Everything Podcast and our new Data Science Mixer Podcast.


To celebrate International Women's Month, I invite you to subscribe to both the Alter Everything and Data Science Mixer podcast feeds, and comment on episode pages to share your thoughts with the listeners. What better way to lift people up than to keep the conversation going and share your knowledge too, am I right?


In addition to subscribing to the feeds, keep an eye on this thread, as I'll keep commenting with new episodes as they are published throughout the month. You can expect to hear episodes featuring Alteryx users, amazing tech partners, and some of our incredible ACEs.


To kick off this celebration, we published the 80th episode of Alter Everything featuring M. Radhika Nath, Tackling human issues with data. Not only is Radhika super fun to listen to, but you'll certainly feel inspired to find a passion project to tackle with your data and analytics skills.



Another great episode to check out is our debut episode of Data Science Mixer, Facing the learning curve with courage, featuring Stanford's Margot Gerritsen, co-founder of the Women in Data Science organization. Talk about an iconic first guest!



Next up is an episode featuring a director of data science and engineering who got her start in neurobiology, and worked on vaccine development research in Stockholm. Make sure you're subscribed to Data Science Mixer so you can find out who this mystery guest is (psst... hint)! The episode drops on Tuesday, March 9.


Keep in mind each episode of Data Science Mixer will feature a Cocktail Conversation, where you're encouraged to comment on the episode page to join the discussion and share your knowledge.


Looking forward to folks following along here and on the podcast pages for updates and insider tidbits this International Women's Month!

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This is amazing!! Super fun and inspiring at the same time..keep them coming!

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Hey listening party friends!


Last week we hinted that someone from Snowflake would be joining us on the Data Science Mixer podcast, and it's finally here! Tune in to hear from Kristen Werner, Director of Data Science and Engineering at Snowflake, as she talks about her start in neurobiology, and how important the human experience is to data science.



For our next episode, we'll be hearing from one of our women ACEs on the Alter Everything Podcast. Any guesses on which ACE it might be? (Hint - there may be more than one ACE in the episode queue!)

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Announcing yet another incredible woman of analytics featured on the podcast!


This week's episode is brought to you by the Alter Everything podcast, featuring Alteryx ACE @Samanthaj_hughes.


Inspired by an Alteryx User Group meeting, Sam met folks from Avon who wanted to maximize the impact of their data through Alteryx, and felt compelled to help them drive that transformation. Not only did she make a career shift to Avon during the middle of the pandemic, she was able to hit the ground running, and continues to build an analytics culture to breakthrough business challenges on a daily basis.


My favorite part? The way Samantha talks about the importance of self-reflection to ask yourself what you truly want from your career. Once you identify your passion, Samantha encourages you to make the leap and go after what will bring you joy.


Tune in wherever you listen to podcasts, or stream from the Alteryx YouTube channel below. Cheers! 


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Can’t wait to listen to this one tonight!

Tuvy Le
Manager, Community ACE Program
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ACE Emeritus

Thanks for an incredible session Maddie. @TuvyL  can't wait to hear your feedback.

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In the latest episode of the Data Science Mixer podcast, guest Tessa Jones shares that she started her career working in extreme environments. From researching in underground caves, to clocking in according Mars time, she's been able to grow her data science skills while observing and learning from other worlds. Can you think of anything cooler?!




As she found her way to a data science career, her past experiences have shaped how she thinks about her work, and how important and helpful it can be to apply the scientific method across industries. Trust me, you don't want to miss this episode!


In each Data Science Mixer episode, host @SusanCS signs off with a "Cocktail Conversation" where you can comment directly on the episode page and answer the question we planted! Head over to the episode page to leave your thoughts on this week's Cocktail Conversation, where we want to know what you think of the name "business scientist" as an alternative name to "data scientist," given that data scientists often study the ecosystem of the business.


Happy listening!