Women of Analytics

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Women of Analytics: Elevating Insights and Human Capability Through Analytics, Upskilling, and Diversity


The world of analytics and data science is dynamic and ever-changing. One constant is that organizations of every type and size need to be continually building their analytic capabilities, leveraging different perspectives, and upskilling their existing data resources. As a leader in Analytic Process Automation, Alteryx is helping organizations elevate their analytic capabilities through a unified approach that democratizes data, automates manually processes, and upskills people by enabling them to build their analytic and data science acumen.


The importance of upskilling is most critical in that it creates more opportunity for inserting a diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and domain expertise into the creation of analytic insight. But this infusion of diversity in analytics needs to be a conscious and continual effort committed to by organizational leadership. 


In this vein, Alteryx, as part of our People + Analytics effort, is proud to introduce our first “Woman of Analytics” webinar on February 10, 2:00 p.m. EST. You can register here.  


Come join the conversation as Alteryx Co-Founder and Chief Advocacy Officer, Libby Duane Adams, has a discussion with Dawn Holl, Executive VP for Strategy and Growth at Reveal Global Consulting. They’ll discuss how advanced analytics are accelerating the creation of insights within a large U.S. federal agency. Dawn will also discuss her personal analytics and career journey and provide a perspective on the importance of diversity and upskilling employees to cope with the changing nature of work. 


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This is going to be a great session.

Andy MacIsaac
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Looking forward to this! 💡

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So excited for this! Can't wait to hear from @LDuane again 🙂